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Ardmore at the east south coast line of Ireland. Ardmore is a popular seaside resort with a nice beaches, lively pubs, good cliffs walks and some architectures of interest. The Monastery established in the 5th century by St Declan, the first missionary to bring Christianity to the area.
Round towers were built by the monks of early Irish monasteries as placed of refuge in case the monastery was attacked. If the monks suspected that the monastery was in danger they would move all their valuable books and treasures into the tower and pull up the wooden ladder. Though hostilities against monasteries increased with the Viking raids in the 9th century, monks were often in as much danger from native Irish chieftains. The church, known as the 'cathedral', is a mixture of periods and styles though the main section was built in the 12th century, The most unusual feature is the ARCADE - a series of sculptures on the outside of the west wall telling stories from the Bible. Many of the upper panels are worn, but you can just make out the Archangel Michael weighing the souls. Included on the lower panes Judgment of Solomon.

Photo: Knut Skaar
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